Arena Capital Partners Ltd. – Investing in Renewable Energy

Arena Capital Partners Limited are currently raising finance for the acquisition, development and operation of a portfolio of renewable energy assets.   They are focusing their developments on Medium Sized Wind Turbines in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.   These locations are chosen because they are all Government backed incentives via the ROCs and the European wide Feed in Tariff.   The investment will still be in Euro, eliminating currency risk for investors.   Your funds are loaned to Arena Capital Partners Limited to acquire and develop renewable energy assets to maintain and sell energy to the national grid.   The returns from the sales to the national grid are re distributed to your investment via a fixed return.   There are two options when investing: Income and Growth.

Income Option:

– 5 year term fixed at 5.5% p.a.

– Interest is paid annually on March 31st, with original capital being returned on maturity.

Growth Option:

– 5 year term fixed at 6.5% p.a.

– Interest is calculated annually and paid on maturity with the return of the original capital.

Investment Key Features:

– European and UK government backed renewable incentives.

– Full insurance against loss of income and specified perils.

– 24/7 online monitoring of assets to ensure optimum performance with operator’s remote access.

– Operation and maintenance contract on all assets, with inventory of spare parts in excess of €1 million.

– Clear exit strategy at maturity.

– Minimum Investment €10,000

*Warning – If you invest in this product you may lose some or all of the money you invest*

If you would like to read more about this particular investment, please click the following link – Arena Wind Portfolio X

If this or any other kind of investment interests you, please let us know, or call in to discuss your options.