Estate planning

We recently spoke to a client about estate planning. Our client responded that they didn’t plan on having anything left by the time they die. When we questioned how they knew when they were going to die there was an awkward silence. The reality of it is, we all like to think of our death […]

Warren Buffet – Investment Masterclass

Warren Buffet is a very wise man in investing, and is always willing to share his vast knowledge on the subject. Below I have gathered some of his most important pieces of wisdom. Time is Key Of course, this isn’t the first time you have heard me harping on about the importance of time when […]

What Income Protection is, and what it isn’t

Sometimes, when speaking to clients it is evident that not everyone completely understands what income protection is. Of course, we always recommend speaking to your financial adviser when trying to decide if a financial product is suitable for you or not. We will give a brief overview all about income protection here. What income protection […]

Corporate Clients

One of our clients, a limited company, had a lot of capital on deposit in 2019. After much consideration and discussions with them, they agreed to invest a portion of this capital into a product suitable for them. In June 2019, this company invested €100,000. In July 2021, this investment was valued at €120,633 gross […]

Three pieces of financial advise you probably don’t want to hear

We could nearly apply all three pieces of advice here to every client that walks through the door. The problem is, nobody wants to hear it! 1. You are not saving enough money We can always save more, the problem is we fill our lives with wants and we struggle to cut down on these […]

Good Financial Habits

It all comes down to good financial habits. If you have poor spending and savings habits, the likelihood of you reaching your financial goals diminish. So what habits should you adopt in order to give yourself the best chance? Think long term, as well as short term When thinking about what you want, avoid the […]

Alternatives for my savings?

We are seeing a huge increase in clients who have never strayed from deposits previously, looking for an alternative. This is largely due to the little to no return being offered by banks on savings accounts. We have been discussing alternatives with our clients for the past few years. However, it is only within the […]

Why choose a mortgage broker?

What are the benefits of choosing mortgage broker when embarking upon your mortgage journey? A good mortgage broker can save you thousands of euro over the term of your mortgage. With so many banks and lenders offering mortgages, it can be hard to choose which one to go with. That’s why a mortgage broker can save […]

When is the last time you reviewed your mortgage?

The biggest savings in life can be made by regularly reviewing your mortgage. The mortgage market is ever changing, so there can be big savings to be made. According to a recent report from, the average homeowner is paying over €4,000 per year extra in mortgage repayments by staying with their current lender. Over […]

How to protect your biggest asset?

What is your biggest asset? Your income is by far your biggest asset. Without your income, you stand to put your lifestyle, mortgage repayments, holidays, etc., at risk. Income protection is not an insurance that many people have in place. This is despite the fact that income protection might be the most important insurance we […]