Award – Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Ltd

I am pleased to advise Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland has won the Award for “Best Distributor, Ireland” in the Structured Products & Derivatives Awards 2018 held in London in mid-February, 2018. This is due to the string of successful 2017 maturities of products which have achieved some of the highest returns for structured products in Europe last year.

· Their 3 year 11 month Global Dividend bond matured with +55.2%.

· Their 3 year 11 Month Capital Secure Dividend Aristocrats Bond matured producing +53% over 3 years 11 months.

· Their Dividend Aristocrats II Bond also produced a +55.27% return, again over Cantor 3 years 11 months.

· The Cantor Oil & Gas Kick Out Bond returned +34% over 2 years.

· Their Euro Blue Chip Kick Out Note returned +20% over just 1 year.

The Structured Products & Derivatives Awards are based on quant-driven data and is a 100% independent poll.

If you would like to be part of this award-winning performance, please contact us, and we will give you full details.