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Gold Producers Kick Out Bond

The bond is a 5-year investment, which may redeem early. Both the capital invested in the bond, as well as the potential returns, are linked to the performance of four leading stocks/gold producers.
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Protected Momentum Bond II

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Ltd. are delighted to launch the Protected Momentum Bond II. The Protected Momentum Bond is a 5-year investment linked to the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index which is composed of 8 funds.
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Tanner’s Tips – State Pension

Tanner’s Tips comprises of a father and daughter team, an unstoppable duo fighting apathy in the world of finance. Do you know your entitlements under the State Pension?   There are two types of State Pension, Contributory and Non Contributory.     The State Pension (Contributory) is paid to people from the age of 66 (if born […]
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