Brand Leaders Kick Out Bond III

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Brand Leaders Kick Out Bond III, from Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Ltd. This is the third tranche of the popular Brand Leaders Kick Out Bond that attracted interest from clients. The bond is linked to four stocks with leading brands, which have been selected not only for their ability to appreciate, but also for their relatively attractive valuations, and the defensive qualities they can provide. The bond continues to match Cantor Fitzgerald’s investment philosophy of providing clients with a level of contingent capital protection, whilst also offering the ability to generate investment growth over a fixed period.
Key Features:
Investment returns are linked to four leading brand stocks: Cement Roadstone Holdings plc, BASF SE, CIE Generale des Establissements Michelin, and TOTAL SA.

3 Investor Protection Features:
90% Kick-Out level – Potential returns of 11% p.a., not compounded, even if the underlying stocks have fallen by up to 10%Additional Protection Feature – If any one of the four stocks are above their initial price level on the final valuation date, 100% of capital is returned
50% Protection Barrier – 100% of Capital returned if the four stocks are each equal to or above 50% of their initial price level on the Final Valuation Date
Five year investment with nine potential opportunities to redeem every six months from year 1 onward
This is a Capital at risk investment product
Minimum Investment €10,000.00
Closing date: 14th December, 2018
This product is available to personal, pension, ARF/AMRF, Friends First SDIO & corporate investors

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