Corporate Clients

One of our clients, a limited company, had a lot of capital on deposit in 2019. After much consideration and discussions with them, they agreed to invest a portion of this capital into a product suitable for them.

In June 2019, this company invested €100,000. In July 2021, this investment was valued at €120,633 gross (*edit, I am now posting this November 2021, the current value is €125,338). This is an impressive 20% growth in only 2 years (or 25% in under 2.5 years). The same client, if investing in the10 years fixed State Savings with An Post (the most competitive interest rates on deposits), would need to leave their capital untouched for over 20 years to get the same return.

You can see the value in investing here. Of course, we have to highlight the bad as well as the good. There will be volatility over the short term. When Covid hit in March 2020 stock markets suffered and the value of the investment fell to €92,626. The important thing here is time. If the client had panicked and withdrawn, contrary to advice, they would be down 8%, instead they are enjoying a 25% increase. This particular investment is invested in medium risk funds. The product and funds were specifically selected to suit this client. This client is now returning to invest further after seeing the value of investing.

If you are part of a corporate entity with a lot of cash on deposit, consider your options. Many deposit taking institutes have now enforced negative interest on business accounts. Instead explore alternatives. Earn a passive income through investing and let your money work for you.

We regularly review our clients to ensure that their investment is appropriate for their needs. If you wish to discuss your options, please get in touch.

If you have any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.