Don’t Panic!

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we wrote about how time is more important than timing when investing.

I have been following a particular investment throughout the Pandemic. This investment was of €100,000 approximately 1 year ago, invested in a mix of funds in order to diversify their risk. The portfolio was a medium risk investment.

When the stock markets took their biggest dive, this investment fell to approximately €89,000. If this client had panicked and withdrawn their investment they would have lost €11,000. Today this investment is worth €103,998. That is a great recovery of nearly €15,000 in such a short space of time. This investor is now up nearly €4,000. This is an overall growth of almost 4% in the year, which is much more impressive than deposits which are currently offering negligible returns.

Volatility is a part of investing. It is so important to listen to advice and ride out the volatility. The pandemic was a temporary problem, life is now getting back to the new normal, learning to adapt to life with Covid-19. With every economic downturn comes a recovery, stay tough and wait it out if you can.

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All information provided is correct on 13/07/2020.