Fear of Investing

Many of our clients complain of earning practically nothing for their money on deposit. In the next breath they will tell us that they are afraid of investing. This is because they are afraid of losing any of their hard earned capital. Unless you are willing to take an element of risk, you will not get any kind of return. No risk no reward! But of course, there are ways of reducing the risk to your capital. That’s where we come in!

We are constantly met with “What if now isn’t a good time to invest?” “What if the investment decreases in value in a month’s time?”.


This is where we can help lessen the anxiety over timing etc. No expert in the world is going to be 100% accurate on when is the best time to invest every time. However, what if instead of investing a lump sum, you were to drip feed an investment over a year or two? This removes the element of “timing risk”. For example, if you invest €500 a month, while the market is increasing your investment is growing, if the market takes a tumble (like in March amidst the pandemic) your monthly installment is buying in at a lower rate, giving you more units and greater opportunity to grow your investment.

We think this is a great introduction to investing for those looking to get started but are a bit apprehensive about it. It allows you to generate savings and participate in the returns which are far more likely to give a decent return than deposits.

Of course everyone is different in their ability or willingness to accept risk. We ask all of our clients to complete a risk assessment and a fact find. This allows us to assess which type of product would best suit your needs.

Please get in touch to discuss your options. We will then come up with the best plan to suit your needs.