Protected Momentum Bond II

Cantor Fitzgerald Ireland Ltd. are delighted to launch the Protected Momentum Bond II.   The Protected Momentum Bond is a 5-year investment linked to the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index which is composed of 8 funds.   Each of the 8 Funds have delivered positive returns, utilising different strategies and may offer significant future upside potential. The Index has an active weekly rebalancing mechanism which aims to consistently invest in the 5 best performing funds.   This Bond aims to generate consistent returns in a wide range of market conditions.

Key Features:

  • Returns are linked to the MS Dynamic Fund Allocation Index composed of 8 leading investment funds
  • The index is rebalanced every week into the five best performing funds. The best performers get the highest weightings, and the three worst performers are excluded
  • 200% participation in index final averaged returns
  • 5-year investment with 90% capital protection at final maturity date
  • Returns are added to the 90% capital protected amount at maturity
  • This a capital at risk investment product
  • Guarantee is provided by Morgan Stanley
  • Minimum investment €10,000.00
  • Closing date: 12th November, 2019
  • This product is available to personal, pension, ARF/AMRF, Friends First SDIO & corporate investors

If you wish to read the product flyer, click here: PROTECTED_MOMENTUM_BOND-II-flyer

For the full product brochure, click here: PROTECTED_MOMENTUM_BOND_II_BROCHURE

For the Key Information Document, click here: Protected-Momentum-Bond-II-KID

Please contact us if you wish to discuss your options.