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Regular Savings Advice

Whatever stage we are at in our lives, whether it is to provide for our children’s education, or saving to buy a new home, we all need to save for one thing or another. A prudent decision to start saving now can mean that you are financially ready to cover a future need.

The type of product we would recommend would depend on the length of time you wish to save for, and the results of your risk assessment.

With deposit rates at an all time low and with no improvement in sight in the near future, you are actually losing out by investing in deposits. Interest rates will not keep up with inflation, meaning that the actual value of your money will be less as time goes by.

By investing in something with a little risk, you are likely (but not guaranteed) to get better returns than deposits. However, if you are saving for a goal, eg. to buy a house/car, with a timespan of 2-3 years, deposits are probably the best way to save for this goal. If you are saving more long term, eg. 5+ years, in order to keep up with inflation your best bet is setting up a regular saver policy with an insurance company.

We will sit with you, and evaluate your goals and objectives, so that we can agree a plan that suits you. We will then review the market to ensure that you get the most suitable product to match your individual needs and preferences.

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