What is the value in a Financial Adviser?

Initially a financial adviser can help you identify your financial needs, recommend products to help you reach your goals and set everything up properly. This is where people think the financial adviser’s job ends. Often our work isn’t always visible to you.

It is so easy to get confused by market performance, with factors like brexit/covid affecting stock markets. Many people believe that when something affects the markets, it’s time to get out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s where our role comes in. We look at the bigger picture, helping you to stay focused and reach your financial goals. Not everything requires a reaction. We will continue to review your portfolio, throughout the term of the product. If we think it is necessary, we will adjust your plan, but we will help you to make a calm and rational decision instead of reacting to every dip in the market. Volatility is a normal part of investment markets.

Sometimes less is more, we won’t try to prove our value by constantly making adjustments to your portfolio. Unless we believe an action will improve your situation and help reach your financial goals, we will do nothing.

As your circumstances change, we will be in contact with you. Perhaps you have recently had a baby, and now you require life cover in order to provide for your dependents if something were to happen to you or your partner. As you approach retirement age we will de-risk your portfolio so that market volatility is not likely to affect your retirement funds. We will ensure that we are constantly working towards an objective that suits your financial needs.